Arsen Martirosyan is a popular author of historical bestselling documentaries

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Fans and adherents of the genre of popular documentary sometimes complain that the circle of worthy authors there is scarce. Arsen Martirosyan, of course, is a bright exception. His historical outlook is striking, and the pen is so light that he swallowed it without any effort on the part of the reader. Martirosyan has a favorite theme - this is a complex but interesting period of history associated with the name of the father of peoples Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.

Arsen Martirosyan

A Brief Biography of Martirosyan by Arsen Benikovich

The author of numerous popular documentary-historical books - native Muscovite. He was born on the outset of the Stalin era, which he loves to tell so much about - January 10, 1950. Nobody knows what he did in his youth and maturity. Only there is an opinion that Martirosyan served in the KGB and retired to the reserve in the rank of lieutenant colonel. There is no one to confirm the authenticity of the information, and Arsen Benikovic does not like to spread about it.

So let's talk about his books. Written by a beautiful light syllable, equipped with a mass of reliable historical facts, these books, barely out of print - definitely become bestsellers. His work in several volumes, telling about the legends associated with the Second World War, is particularly revered among fans of documentary prose. The documentary material on which the author relies is amazing and convincing. In addition to novels writes popular articles, publishing them in "The Block of Russian Bolsheviks" or another similar association called "The Case of Stalin." His long-time opponent and irreconcilable ideological opponent is no less well-known in this genre writer Victor Suvorov.

Arsen Martirosyan

Two hundred legends about Stalin

Stalin's personality is written in Martirosyan's books especially monumentally. And a series about debunking numerous speculations about this significant personality in the national history, it is difficult to call just a biography in the usual sense of the word. This question is considered in detail by the author only in the 3rd volume. Other volumes contained an analysis of the periods of this dictator's reign. In the first part of the series we are talking about the war, called the Great Patriotic War. The second part - tells the whole story of the times of mass repression in the USSR. As a supplement to the main theme, the author also concerns the post-war period. In total, the monumental series consists of five volumes.

Is the choice of the main character of the five-volume series, for such an author as Arsen Martirosyan, accidental? Of course not! After all, we all lived long enough in a country where not only to discuss, but sometimes only to mention the name of the leader of the peoples, was associated with a deadly risk. Then, when there was an opportunity to say whatever you want, it became fashionable to argue about Stalin's personality. Despite other times, the absolute incompetence of the debaters. Therefore, the topic is overdue and waited for the one who popularly and honestly presented it to a grateful reader.

Arsen Martirosyan

Two hundred legends about World War II

A huge amount of speculation was created about the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany over many post-war years. They are often written not only by incompetent journalists or Western historians, but also by domestic writers, coming from their narrow-purpose tasks. Therefore, part of the five-volume series Martirosyan pursues the goal of leaving no stone unturned from these pre-existing inventions. Based, of course, on historical documents and sources. Of particular interest is the part that has the name "On the Road to Victory." This is the period of war from the Kursk arc of the 43rd year to the storming of Berlin in the spring of the 45th. Which has contained many other winning battles. Yes at the cost of unprecedented sacrifices on the fronts. However, this just serves as the source material for many unscrupulous falsifiers of history.

No less interesting to read and other parts, telling about the difficult period for the country and its people, in 41 and separately about the accumulation of forces in the 42nd, to create conditions of a fundamental turning point in the war in the 43rd.

Marshals are conspirators. British intelligence machinations

Arsen Martirosyan is not only an interesting writer, but also a conscientious researcher. Evidence of this is his novel about the pre-war pre-war affaires of British intelligence. On the basis of archival documents, the author revealed the existence of an effective link of events of the 1930s in our country, called the "Marshals Conspiracy", with the actions of the British.

The conclusions of this book clearly state that England, in favor of Hitler came to power in Germany, actively conducted subversive activities against the Soviet Union to behead the Red Army. Many representatives of the national historical science are not inclined to share Martirosyan's opinion. What does not detract, but on the contrary - increases the value of this book as a source of alternative vision of a significant issue in the history of our country.

Arsen Martirosyan

1941, June, 22nd

This date in the history of the peoples of the former USSR is one of the most tragic - began a bloody war, which claimed millions of lives of compatriots. It is not surprising that Martirosyan dedicated two books of the cycle to this event. They are called "Detailed Anatomy of Betrayal" and "Blitzkrieg of Betrayal. From the beginnings to the eve." They analyze in detail, based on thousands of documents, how and why this war began.

And unlike similar books by other authors, Arsen Benikovic explores the topic not only on the basis of consideration of the actions of senior management, but also attracts sources for individual armies, regiments and even battalions. The result is an ominous picture of the nuances of large-scale pre-war politics. The main task of which the Western powers have made the organization of a large-scale conspiracy to remove Stalin himself from office and remove from power his inner circle.

Arsen Martirosyan

One Hundred Legends of Beria

Lavrentiy Beria is an odious and very ambiguous figure in the history of the Soviet Union. Most of the people, thanks to the media, had a strong opinion that he was a bloody executioner who worked for foreign intelligence. Martirosyan faithfully explores the biography of a major Soviet politician. Determining, as on the scales, on the basis of documents, the degree of truth about the damage to the country and the people of this country, allegedly inflicted by Beria. Two books describe the entire period of Lavrentiy Pavlovic's rule. And Martirosyan's conclusions are ambiguous and very different from the generally accepted stamps of Khrushchev's propaganda. However, you can make up your own opinion about Beria by reading the data of Arsen Benikovich Martirosyan's book.  Enjoy your reading!

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