Where Russia's money is printed, and what responsibilities fall on branch employees

Life 03.10.2020

Many people, using banknotes do not even think how and where to print money for Russia, although there are entire branches dealing with these issues. An important factor in the development of the country's economy was the President's decision to make the FGUP a shareholder's company. But this action did not affect the constant control over the production process of the strategic purpose enterprise from the state. A detailed review of the work of branches in Perm, St. Petersburg and Krasnokamsk will help to understand the issue and discover a lot of new information about this.

Employee Action Algorithm

To protect the currency, experts have developed a number of elements that will prevent copying, and enterprises use a special technology of printing banknotes. The main premises are considered Krasnokamsky and St. Petersburg branches, they create the basis, which employees call paper, the raw materials include the following components:

  1. Watermarks.
  2. Reagents.
  3. Tissue fibers.
  4. Polymer threads.

Thanks to some elements, money becomes resistant to moisture and the influence of ultraviolet rays. The solution, added by employees at the production, is visible only under the influence of special rays, visually it is expressed in the form of a purple hue. If you apply infrared radiation, you will be able to consider the strands of green and red color, which are located in a chaotic manner.

Where Russia's money is printed

Further follow the paper

It is impossible not to note the branch where the russian money is printed located in Perm, it is there that the raw materials are delivered for further printing using the latest equipment and machines. Different methods are used for the work of manipulation:

  1. It's ovset. Designed to protect the banknote from getting wet.
  2. Orlovskaya. With the help of special forms, filled with paint, the bill is slowly saturated with shade.
  3. High technology. Designed to be a relief number and a series.
  4. Metalographic. The exact picture is displayed.

The processes are monitored by employees with extensive experience and appropriate education, all this is done to ensure that every citizen appreciates the product.

Where Russia's money is printed


Factories, where they print Russian money and bring it to perfection, are located in Perm and Moscow, they are called the main branches of FGUP. The group of specialists includes a number of people with special skills, among them photographers, artists, engravers, herbalists, stampers and designers. Before releasing the bill to the masses of it, it is necessary to approve and carefully consider on a specially assembled commission. Mints are located in St. Petersburg, here mint metal money, and together with the Krasnokam factory prepare raw materials for paper banknotes.

Where Russia's money is printed

The most important moment and the power of productions

Having dealt with the question where money is printed in Russia, it is safe to move to an important action - it is the issue of banknotes. This is done by whole groups, addresses of factories are not hidden from others, they look like this:

  1. Danilovsky Val Street 1, Moscow.
  2. Cosmonauts Highway 115, Perm.
  3. School 13 Street, Krasnokamsk.

All banknotes are issued of high quality, and for this the state is very grateful to the specialists working in the production. In order for the deficit of the 1990s not to return constantly, it is necessary to monitor the capacity of branches, annual calculations revealed a constant inflow of coins of 5 billion, while banknotes are printed in the amount of 7 billion, and the material for all this is spent in the amount of 11,000 tons.

Where Russia's money is printed

Major production difficulties

It became clear where Russia's money is printed, but few people know how much effort is spent on their defense. The larger the denomination, the painstaking work of specialists, because to create intricate artistic designs spend a lot of time. All participants in the creation of banknotes are very hard-working, complex calculations and not easy operations are made. After the cash ends, you need to immediately turn to Perm, the main thing is not to miss this moment, Peter, in turn, begins to issue coins. It is equally important to monitor the oversupply of money, because it will inevitably lead to inflation.

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