Beauties from the group "X-Mission"

Celebrities 21.09.2020

X-Mission Group

Time flies! X-Mission Group has been a rarity for Russian pop in recent years. That's more surprising. What is encrypted in the name of the group, how was the band created, whether the line-up changed, and who are they - these handsome, breaking the hearts of millions of fans? More on that below.

The secret of the band's name

The name of the group is not just a meaningless set of letters, as it may seem at first glance. The guys thus decided to broadcast their beliefs to the fans. "X" are the first letters of words: art, culture, sport - the main components in the life of the soloists of the collective. The members of the group and came together for so long, because they lead a similar absolutely way of life, where in the first place - a conscious attitude to themselves. Guys play sports, they don't know what bad habits are.


The idea of creating a musical group of beautiful, sexually attractive guys was spinning in Andrei Sokolovsky's head for a long time. He's been carrying her for years. He honed the image. He wanted not only handsome people on the stage, although even this is a success, but Andrei wanted more. According to his idea, young people had to motivate listeners to the right way of life, promote sports and the absence of bad habits in life.

X-Mission Group

In 1990, his dream came true. He managed to assemble just such a team. All as a selection - handsome, with excellent vocal data and the presence of muses. Education. Who are they, these lucky ones, who to get into the group bypassed dozens of competitors at the casting?

Valentin Frolov (Forostyan)

Angel-like blond with a radiant smile. The place of birth is a small village in Ukraine, located comfortably on the shores of the Southern Bug. The poet, the musician, loves the guitar.

Alexander Kulygin

He's blond, too. Tall, handsome. Since childhood he is fond of music, dance. He studied at the school-studio of Igor Moiseyev, and after graduating from it, for 2 years he soloed in his ensemble. It has incredible plasticity and the same artistry. The inveterate theatergoer can discuss new productions for hours. He graduated from higher education, where he studied law.

Artur Shibaev

Bright brunette, with a charming smile. At one time he graduated from the choreographic school in Ufa. He dances beautifully, enjoys football and hockey.

X-Mission Group

Andrei Sokolovsky

Creator, mastermind and permanent leader of the group. The birthplace is Ukraine, Crooked Horn. However, he did not live there for long, soon after Andrei's birth, the family moved to live in Russia. Before finally settling in St. Petersburg, Andrei's parents managed to live in the North in Norilsk, the capital and other cities. The passion for art and creativity was evident in Sokolovsky in his early childhood. Being active and comprehensively developed, Andrei studied and graduated from several educational institutions: the choreographic, musical and prestigious ballet academy Vaganova.

Andrei's son, Vlad, a copy of his father. After participating in the "Star Factory", the young man gained popularity, no less than his father.

How the quartet turned into a trio

The last one in the group was Andrei Medvedsky. The guy is talented, purposeful. For a long time he lived in Belarus, where he studied (behind his shoulders choreographic school). I managed to work on the stage, but fate called him to the capital, and not in vain, since he so easily joined the famous group.

X-Mission group disintegrated?

The X-Mission quintet did not last long. Valentin left the band. For the sake of his beloved, he decided to give up constant touring and publicity, but not singing. Now they are both in the church choir. They are in love and happy.

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