Meet Irina Agalarova

Celebrities 18.09.2020

Irina Agalarova

Women, for many years, being companions of influential and wealthy men, arouse great curiosity among the public. Who they are, what they live, where they work and what they dream of. The public wants to know everything.

Today we will tell about one of them. Meet Irina Agalarova, the wife of Araz Agalarov, founder of Crocus Group.


Any woman, after reaching a certain age, tries not to focus on the date of her birth. Irina, in this regard, is no exception, but simple calculations suggest that the wife of a famous businessman was born in the middle of the last century, around 1955-1957 in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. In a family of mountain Jews. Grill (Irina's maiden name) lived in a multi-ethnic society, but closer to them were local, Azerbaijani customs and traditions. In them the girl was brought up.


Irina and her future husband were in the same class. Even in school years, sympathy broke out between young people, for the time being, not manifested in plain sight. Both went to school after school. Irina enrolled in pedagogical, Araz chose polytechnic. The wedding was played in the last year.

Irina Agalarov's Wedding

40 years of marriage. Is it a lot or a little?

Irina Agalarova believes that a long, happy marriage is, in many respects, the merit of a woman. The secret to family happiness, as she often says, lies in sincere feelings and a drop of reason. Conflicts are not needed, in any situation it is necessary to seek compromise, to strive for harmony and mutual understanding with a partner.

Irina's family always comes first. Although the woman is not particularly fond of sitting.


Agalarov's career began at the Research Institute, from where during the Soviet Union he transferred to the party's slide. In 1983, Araz received a transfer to Moscow. Irina is going with him.

Rebuilding. Araz, like most people at the time, goes into entrepreneurship. Sets up the sale of souvenirs in the United States. Business is starting to make a real profit. In 1989, Araz and Irina's father registered Crocus Group, moved to the United States, but Russia does not let go. In a few years, the business demands a greater presence of Araz in Moscow. The family adapts to live on two continents. Irina raises children in the U.S., often comes to her husband.

She said it was not an easy period in their family. There were strong feelings from the long separation, and jealousy, but she coped. As soon as the children grew up a little, Irina moved to Moscow to see her beloved.

Irina always speaks of her husband as a person who understands and feels her. She often remembers how at one time she really wanted to have a house by the sea, and Araz realized her dream. Built a beautiful mansion, exactly where she wanted, despite the fact that the family at that time was not so much.

As a mother

Irina, being herself brought up in Azerbaijani traditions, kept them in her family. Children are always a priority, and their upbringing has a huge role to play. Irina has two of them. Emin and daughter Sheila. Children have always sought all the best, but did not spoil. Irina always felt this fine line.

Irina Agalarov's mother

The son first studied in Switzerland, and after the family settled in the United States, there. Emin initially participates in his father's business, but then decides to change his career and tries himself as a singer. Irina is not surprised. According to her, Emin has been drawn to music since childhood.

While Irina tried to get along with two states, Sheila studied in the United States. The girl became interested in fashion, graduated from the school of design art. After completing her daughter's studies, Irina finally settled in Moscow.

As well as relationships with the husband, with children in the first place, love and respect. Sheila and Emin are very sensitive to the mother, the family always reigns peace and understanding.

Favorite grandchildren

They say that in a woman's life, the role of a grandmother is the most conscious and important. That's probably true. After all, a woman becomes a grandmother at the age when wisdom and experience come. As Irina loves her grandchildren, not everyone can. It's an all-consuming feeling. Irina soul does not drink in Ali, Mikaila and Amin (children of Emin and Leyla, daughter of the President of Azerbaijan. Alas, their marriage fell apart). Ali and Mikail are Emin's children, Amina is a foster, but for Irina's huge heart, there is no difference. She loves all her grandchildren with the same strength. Children love to spend time visiting their grandmother can even live with her for a long time.


Despite the fact that Araz fully provides for the family, Irina works, and so it was always, except only the period when the children grew up. After the wedding in the distant to perestroika years, Irina worked in an ordinary school as a foreign teacher (Irina perfectly knows English). Then, as an interpreter in one state institution.

Having raised children, Irina will try her hand at business. Opened a beauty salon with a friend in the States, the second, in Moscow. After a while, Irina decided to change business. She parted with beauty salons, opened a shop of exclusive fur coats.


The only woman successful businessman, worthy of her husband. Smart, shrewd, wise, and most importantly, sincerely, truly loving woman. The support of the family and its core. Irina evokes a sense of admiration and deep respect for her ability to give love to loved ones, while remaining a person herself. Agalarova is friendly with sports. He loves tennis, he does a lot of swimming.

Irina Agalarov's hobbies

Irina by nature has a subtle taste, prefers good clothes, as well as any woman, is interested in fashion, sometimes, "sick" shopping, but in moderation. Surprisingly, Irina does not like travel at all. Prefers to spend more time at home with her husband. The perfect evening for Irina is surrounded by children and grandchildren.

"People don't change," agrees Irina. "But anyone can be a little bit better," she continues. And that's true. Even a small change in itself can have huge consequences for others, as a result, for the whole world.

Agalarov also thinks a lot about the future of her children and grandchildren. He wants them to be able to live a rich and happy life like her.

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