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Ararat Keshchyan gained popularity thanks to his participation in KVN and the TV series "Univer". In the popular series, Ararat plays the image of a macho named Mike, who takes lightly to romantic relationships. In real life, Ararat also attracts the attention of thousands of women across the country, but he takes the choice of passion as seriously as possible. This is partly due to the comedian's first marriage, which ended in a painful breakup. At that time, Ararat's chosen one was Irina Keschahn. But who is she? We will tell about it further.


Mike is a character played by Ararat Keshchyan in "Univer"

The main thing about Irina

There is very little information about Irina, but according to some reports, she was born 21. 12. 1981 in Moscow. She is a short, blond and smiling girl, originally from an aristocratic family, where she was cherished and pampered. Due to the fact that Irina is the only child in the family, she got used to the general attention and delight from a young age, which influenced her choice of profession.

Irina graduated from school number 1 in Moscow, and then went to university. There a smiling and positive girl found a passion in KVN, which helped to discover good acting abilities and a sense of humor.

Meet Irina and Ararat

The girl met in 2007 with the then unknown Ararat Kashyan, who devoted himself to performances in kvN. Bright and attractive Irina immediately attracted the attention of Ararat. Close and friends of the couple claim that a spark broke out between the pair immediately during the acquaintance. They were completely immersed in each other and did not notice anything around but their love. Together the couple attended parties, clubs and entertained in noisy companies, and in the same year the lovers decided to play a wedding.

Father Ararat's attitude to Irina

Father Ararat's attitude to Irina

Ararat was instilled in strict notions of family values from an early age

Ararat's parents were overwhelmed by the changes that were taking place with their son. The actor's father claimed that Irina is not the girl his son needs, and the intention to play the wedding is frivolous.

Gevorg Ashotovich, Ararat's father, claimed that Irina was too frivolous and windy. She was born in Moscow, while Ararat is originally from Armenia. Gevorg Ashotovich remembers Irina's first visit to his house and laments the lack of proper education and respect for other people's traditions. The fact that the Muscovite immediately began to establish their own order and did not accept the traditions of the house of Ararat.

Despite the difficulties, the couple still decided to have a wedding.

Wedding and family life

The loud and lush wedding took place in the autumn of 2007. After the wedding, the relationship began to undergo a crisis. It was caused by the mismatch of the interests of the couple: Ararat wished a quiet family life, while Irina wanted to continue the fun and partying.

Over time, "KVN" became the only thing that unites the pair. Irina was angry when her husband talked about children. Later Ararat realized that the new passion was simply not created for family life, as even the mention of the continuation of the family was associated with her "damage figure."


After three years of living together, the couple divorced. The couple agreed that the decision to marry was too hasty.

The public had the impression that Irina was easily going through a divorce (perhaps the girl was simply hiding her true feelings), while for Ararat the parting was difficult. The actor to this day tries to avoid mentioning the first marriage.

Ararat's New Relationship


Ekaterina Keshchyan - Ararat's second wife

After the divorce, Irina disappeared from the screens, and they say that she took up her own business. Ararat was going through a difficult breakup, and after a while, according to rumors, decided to have a small affair with Evgenia Sviridova - actress of the TV series "Univer". This relationship did not go beyond the status of a light novel.

During one of the banquets in honor of the movie "Pregnant" Ararat met his future wife. At the time, the actor tried to avoid serious relationships, but everything happened "of course," Ararat says. Despite the fact that Ekaterina Shepeta is 11 years younger than the actor, she was immediately fascinated by Ararat's charm and charisma.

After a while the couple got married. According to the Russian comedian and actor, the marriage proposal turned out to be somewhat unusual. Ararat ordered the ring from a friend of the jeweler, but presented it at the most inopportune moment. Despite this, Catherine agreed and the lovers played a wedding.

Adorable daughter of Ararat and Catherine

Adorable daughter of Ararat and Catherine

In 2014, a beautiful baby Eva was born in the family. Three years later, a second daughter, Diana, was born. Now it is a happy family, in which both parents combine their favorite work and family chores, and children grow up in love and care.

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