What is the joker - the most mysterious card?

Info 07.08.2020

No one can really say - when appeared card games? It seems that they have always been. And always the magic of cards attracted the attention of a person. Also because through maps for a long time, people make countless attempts to look beyond the boundaries of the present and try to see there all the facets of their fate.

Each deck has a classic set that is unchanged from century to century. At the same time, any card stores only its inherent history of origin. But without a doubt, the most interesting story in the card called the Joker. The mystery of this card simply fascinates fans of card games. Everyone knows that the joker represents a royal jester, a fool, or a squawk, which is the same thing, in fact. But few people know how and when this card appeared in the deck.

Joker card

Origin of the name

Let's just translate the word "Joker" from the English language and all at once will become clear. Yes, it is a bully, funny, but more often still - a buffoon at court, who is allowed to talk and do everything. As for the Germans, they translated the word "Joker" in their own manner as "Juker" - that's what they called a popular card game.

The history of the name of this map is kept by medieval manuscripts. In them, the card called "joker" is mentioned at first only in a set of bastard tarot cards. And the image was the same fool and buffoon. Often - cheerful, but sometimes had quite a formidable appearance. What was required in order to introduce the person who came to guess into the right state of perception.

Subsequently, the joker was in the usual playing cards. And in the French version of the deck, perfectly coexist two cards with the name of the joker. And over time, this popular name moved even to games far from cards, for example - in mahjong. And it means there's an extra bone in the game. There is a version that the name of the card came from the word "Poker", but it is not popular.

Joker card

How is the joker portrayed?

In the vast majority of images - it's a classic sample of a buffoon in a cap with bells. If you look at the tarot cards, there the jokers represent the extreme opposites of mood - either frown or laugh. But Australians fantasized more about this. In their card game called "The queen's Slipper", the joker performs in a very unusual way. This is an Australian bird - endemic toakoubar. The creature is vo sewer, and this cry resembles the laughter of a man. What over the years led to the substitution of notions that the joker, it is supposedly exclusively a bird, carrying fun. The joker is marked on the map either by the letter "J" or by the word "Joker"

Joker card

The Isotery Story of the Joker

Consider the use of a joker in esotericism using the example of the French version of tarot cards. The image of the map there is classic for many centuries. However, the value of the map is slightly different from the many options that exist in other countries. The French have a joker, it is, first of all - a rebel and a person opposed to fate. In addition, it is twofold and indicates the types of people who can show themselves in any role, but most importantly, are able to convince others that this is true. Such people easily adapt to all situations, why - always win.

Joker card

Options to use the joker

It should be noted that the joker is not used in all card games. But in those where it is used - the map is key and irreplaceable. The value of a joker in a particular situation often depends on what value the cards are next to it. Typically, the joker enhances the value of these cards. Therefore, having them in the game is a boon. But sometimes he is able to the contrary - to disrupt all the plans of the player to them cause despair. We are talking about games where you have to collect cards in pairs.

The modern fate of the joker is diverse. It is often used in games that have emerged recently, only as a colorful figure, but does not affect much the essence of the game. In gambling entertainment such as poker, for example, the joker is only present in the bonus game. It is also actively used in Internet slots and on Internet portals in a variety of games, only to give the process efficiency and colorfulness.

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