Oxygen therapy: benefits and relevance

Health 16.09.2020

Oxygen therapy is used to treat patients of all ages. The use of the mixture, which includes oxygen, allows to saturate the cells and tissues of the body with oxygen, making up for oxygen starvation. This safely affects metabolic processes, regeneration system and strengthening of immunity.

The benefits of oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy benefit

This therapy is especially useful for people:

  • Observing a sedentary lifestyle;
  • those in frequent stress;
  • Bedding;
  • Cancer
  • After undergoing radiation therapy;
  • respiratory diseases.

Oxygen, getting into the tissues, plays a role in the fight against cancer cells and increases regenerative abilities. Oxygen therapy also has great benefits for healthy people for prevention purposes: increased attention should be paid to urban dwellers in adverse environmental conditions.

The body functions normally if the oxygen content is 21%. If this percentage is lower, there are various diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular and other systems.

General testimony

Oxygen therapy readings
  1. Cyanosis;
  2. Respiratory failure;
  3. decompression disease;
  4. Pulmonary edema;
  5. Shock;
  6. cystic fibrosis;
  7. CMT;
  8. Allergies
  9. Arthritis;
  10. heart asthma;
  11. The period after poisoning;
  12. oncology treatment.

Oxygen therapy is not suitable for autism, brain dystrophy and pulmonary bleeding. It is important to note that the treatment does not use pure oxygen: its content varies in the range of 40-80%.

The benefits of oxygen therapy

Doctors note such effects of therapy:

  • Fighting hypoxia;
  • Increased tissue regeneration;
  • normalization of cellular respiration;
  • Stabilization of processes in tissues;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • detoxification of the body;
  • Improving metabolism;
  • Improving breathing;
  • improving blood components.

After oxygen therapy, the patient notes improved breathing, increased kidney function, reduced pain threshold and overall improvement in well-being.

Varieties of blends used

Oxygen therapy mix

In the process of oxygen therapy use three types of mixture, depending on the destination:

  1. Carbogen: a mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide 50:50;
  2. Oxygen-argon: a mixture of argon and oxygen 70-80%;
  3. Helium-oxygen: 60% of the mixture is helium, the rest - oxygen.

Oxygen therapy methods

In medicine, several methods of oxygen therapy are singled out:

  • Inhalations carried out with inhalation tubes;
  • Extra-light, in which oxygen is fed past the airways: to the peritoneum department, inside the conjunctiva or subcutaneous;
  • Hyperbaric - with the help of a special baroque chamber;
  • Oxygen baths;
  • Oxygen tents, topical for infant therapy;
  • Oxygen cocktails, topical for allergies, for the treatment of infants and asthma.

Oxygen therapy

Despite the wide range of applications, oxygen therapy has an impressive list of contraindications. These include:

  1. Low blood clotting rates;
  2. hypocalcemia;
  3. Allergy to ozone;
  4. thrombosis;
  5. Diabetes mellitus;
  6. hypotheria;
  7. Convulsions;
  8. Internal bleeding;
  9. acute pancreatitis.

Therapy in these states can cause significant harm to the human body. Before exercising, it is important to consult a doctor and track the features of the general condition of the body.

Oxygen mesotherapy

Oxygen mesotherapy

Mesotherapy with oxygen helps to fight age-related skin changes and unpleasant defects. It is actively used in cosmetology with such purposes:

  • Removal of scars, scars;
  • Fighting acne, dry skin;
  • Elimination of acne;
  • Smoothing of facial and age wrinkles.

Oxygen helps to restore layers of the epidermis after painful procedures such as peeling and photo rejuvenation.

Oxygen therapy at home

This therapy can be carried out even at home. It is carried out with a special can with oxygen content of 80% and a special mask. It is important to carry out in the syndrome of hangover, rocking, insomnia and suffocation attacks.

Oxygen cushions contain 70% of oxygen, and their filling is carried out in the nearest clinic. This device is often used in stationary conditions.


Oxygen therapy is used in many branches of medicine. The overwhelming number of reviews is positive: it allows to normalize sleep, general well-being, saturate cells with tissues and fight against poisoning of the body. However, before applying any therapy it is important to consult with your doctor to take into account the contraindications.

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