The benefits of Joel-Cohen laparotomy over other caesarean section techniques

Health 25.10.2020

Benefits of Joel-Cohen Laparotomy

C-section - operations put in Russia on stream. Available and successful are held in almost every hospital and not only. In addition, any surgeon can do a C-section if necessary. C-section is performed under general anesthesia. For this reason, some women who give birth prefer this kind of birth as less painful. There are several ways to do this. Most doctors tend to think that the laparotomy on Joel-Cohen is preferable. Why? Let's see.

What is a "C-section"

If you try to describe as briefly as possible, the C-section is done as well: in the lower abdomen the surgeon makes a transverse incision through which the fetus extracts. Usually, a caesarean section is used on the basis of indications, in cases where childbirth can naturally harm the mother or child.

In very rare cases, women in labor insist on a caesarean section, as mentioned above, for fear of pain during childbirth, from which the same doctors, they are dissuaded. Like any serious surgery in the body, caesarean section can threaten complications, both during the operation itself and during the recovery period.

Patients complain of astud and pulling pain in the abdominal cavity, seam can disperse or bleed. The wound can be infected, there is a danger of peritonitis. Hormonal failures are not uncommon. But medicine doesn't stand still. Methods of such operations are constantly being improved, the risk of side effects and complications is minimized. In the following chapters, let's briefly consider the popular methods of caesarean section.

Joel-Cohen laparotomy

By Pfannenstiel

With all its advantages, the method has a lot of disadvantages. Among the most common, problems that can appear when extracting a large fetus, hematoma, damage to the abdominal organs.

By Misgav-Ladahu

A method that is more advanced than the above. The operation is less traumatic, takes less time, the postoperative period is easier, complications occur less often.

C-section, according to this technique is: the surgeon makes an incision of the abdominal cavity, cuts muscle tissue on the sides and gently removes the uterus. All incisions are made cross-sectionally.

By Joel Cohen

The simplicity of the method allows to perform a caesarean section in such a way as experienced obstetricians and trainees.

Reducing the probability of complications and injuries is achieved due to the fact that only 1 large incision and 2 small incisions are produced, aponeurosis, at the same time, is not affected.

by Joel Cohen

Incisions do not affect many vessels, reduced blood loss. Part of the abdominal muscles is not cut, and stretched, which allows to extract the fetus in the second or third minute.

Comparative analysis of methods

The methods of caesarean section are not enough. They are constantly changing, improved by practicing obstetricians. After all, even one action done, a little different, leads to other results. As a result, a new technique is born or the current one is improved. It turns out that any obstetrician can create a new way of carrying out the operation.

Benefits of Joel-Cohen Laparotomy

At the moment, the best method is considered to be Joel-Cohen, which has a number of advantages in comparison with other methods: small blood loss, reduced likelihood of infection, hematoma, hormonal failures, infertility. Moreover, a C-section by Joel-Cohen can be performed repeatedly, and this is a huge plus. A woman gets the right to give birth twice in the same way, which is especially valuable if a C-section is the only option for her.

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