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Probably every girl watched the famous saga "Twilight" with handsome Robert Pattinson in the title role. After playing the main character in the famous saga, Robert Pattinson tried himself in many other roles, but the image of the mesmerizing vampire Edward firmly strengthened behind the actor. Fans all over the world follow the personal life of their favorite actor and experience all his ups and downs as their own.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson these days

The Age of Robert Pattinson

The actor was born in 1986, which means he turns 34 in 2020. Robert by the sign of the zodiac is a calm Taurus, and he has an inherent diligence, a love of calmness and stability. The calmness and slowness of Taurus is paired with an ambitious, independent and freedom-loving Tiger on the Eastern horoscope.

Physical parameters:

Height - 185 cm;
weight - 82 kg.

Robert's popularity is due to his bright appearance and charisma. It is difficult to imagine that the now popular and confident man was timid and shy in his youth. Robustness gradually began to give way after the decision to pursue a modeling career. Robert caught the attention of producers after his debut in theatrical performances "Macbeth" and "Whatever Happens".

Robert Pattinson's family

Robert Pattinson's family

Robert Pattinson as Edward

Rob grew up in a normal family, originally from the UK. None of the members of the boy's family was engaged in a music or film career. His father Thomas was engaged in the sale of vintage cars, which provided the family with a good profit.

Rob's mother was in the modeling business. She was a true friend and assistant to her son, despite her busy work schedule and frequent trips. It was she who helped the guy start a modeling career.

Lizzie, one of Robert's older sisters, is currently pursuing a music career, while Victoria is a second sister who is active in the advertising business.

Robert Pattinson's career

Robert Pattinson's career

Robert in "Twilight"

Robert first starred in the 2004 film The Ring of the Nibelungs. The actor was noticed by Mir Nair- an American film director, after which the young man played in the film "Vanity Fair". Surprisingly, the director decided to cut out all the scenes where Rob played, because Pattinson's acting was not his liking.

In 2005, Robert played Cedric Diggory in the popular film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. After a while, the actor decided to test his strength in the comedy film "Diary of a Bad Mother" and then returned to the modeling business.

Robert received the most recognition after starring in the Twilight saga. It is said that it was thanks to the participation of Robert Pattinson that the painting was a resounding success. For the role in "The Lost Pride" the actor lost 15 kg, and his determination aroused the respect of film critics and fans.

Robert Pattinson's relationship

Robert Pattinson

Robert and Kristen Stewart in the Twilight saga

Rob's personal life is quite turbulent and intense: for the first time love came to him at the age of 12, but due to lack of experience three weeks later the couple broke up. The young man then began dating singer Kelly Blackwell. There were rumors that the couple was even expecting their first child, but it turned out to be a normal PR move.

During the game in "Twilight" between Robert and Kristen Stewart flashed a spark. Fans learned about their relationship outside the film after the release of Oprah Winfrey's TV show. It was a serious affair, which was interrupted for a while, and then again erupted with renewed vi reintroduce. Throughout 2012, the happy couple regularly got into the camera lens in cafes, on walks and dates. At one time, Robert even bought a house for living together, because he could not find common ground with his mother Kristen. Fans were waiting for the wedding until Kristen was spotted with director Sanders in 2012. After a while, the couple's relationship suffered a final collapse.

Robert Pattinson's Wife

Robert Pattinson's Wife

Talia Barnett

In 2014, Robert began dating Talia Barnett, the FKA Twigs singer. The girl was born in 1888 in Gloucestershire. Bright appearance, creative nature and singing talent attracted the attention of fans to the bride Rob.

The pair met at the premiere of the singer's debut album. Their romance was turbulent and difficult: the couple periodically interrupted, and then resumed the relationship. In 2015, there were rumors about the impending engagement of lovers, and fans were eager to look at the wedding of two stars, but it never happened.

Rumor has it that in one period Talia gave a tough ultimatum to Robert about the wedding. It is not known whether the wedding took place.

In 2017, the pair began to appear in public less and less together. Fans later noticed that there was a ring on his finger of the waist, presented by Robert. In the fall of the same year, the couple officially separated. Gossip that the reason for the divorce was Robert's attraction to men, and his wife will not.

Over time, everyone became aware of Rob's relationship with model Brad Owens. The actor said they flew to the Bahamas together. After a while, Robert publicly kissed a colleague on the movie "Twilight" Taylor Lautner. Fans' opinions were divided into two camps: some regard this behavior as a joke, while others strongly believe in Pattinson's change of orientation.

Other passions of the actor

Robert Pattinson's girlfriend

Dakota Fanning

After the breakup of the relationship with Kristen Stewart, the actor met with such famous ladies as Katie Perry and Dakota Fanning. Relations with star divas quickly ended: they could not be called serious. The actor's passions include Siena Miller, Suki Waterhouse and Imogen Kerr.

Robert Pattinson doesn't have children yet. Psychic Natalia Vorotnikov claims that the actor will have three children, possibly adopted (if he continues to meet with men).

Robert's personal life today

Robert Pattinson

The actor claims that he will play a wedding only with the woman for whom he will be ready to die. Perhaps such a girl will still appear in the life of the actor, because fate for each will save their surprises. Fans can only wait until Robert finds "the one."

Nowadays it is known that Rob is not looking for a new relationship. The actor claims that he has no free time, and in each city he is delayed only for a few days, and then goes to a new place. Robert immersed himself in the work: he played in the crime drama "Good Time." It is said that in order to better feel the spirit of the underworld, Robert slept in the basement in the daytime, and the shooting took place at night.

Today Robert is a bachelor. Fans are preparing for the news about the new passion of the beloved actor, and perhaps it will be "the one" that Robert will offer a hand and heart.

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