Lika Dobryanskaya - a bright candle in the wind

Celebrities 26.08.2020

Lika Dobrianskaya

AIDS has long been a category of foreign stars who use drugs and lead a promiscuous sex life of "bohemian diseases" and has become a common disease. However, even today, many carefully conceal the diagnosis. Put a lot of effort to keep the secret, it does not concern yourself, family members or close friends. They don't talk about the diagnosis until the very last moment.

Among the Russian film stars, the first actress to die, AIDS, was Lika Dobryanskaya.


Liki's real name is Lilia Puzatova. The birthplace of the actress is the Samara region, the village of Big Glusitsa.

In Lika's presentation, however, like most people, the servants of melpomena and Talia's muses must have bright and beautiful names. For this reason, the girl took a pseudonym. Fans know and remember her as Liku Dobryanskaya, but it was later, and for now, the girl studied at school.

According to the memories of the teachers, it was distinguished by amazing purposefulness, adult concentration and independence. I could endure any hardship in order to achieve her goals.


It sounds incredible, but after school Lika Dobryanskaya, without any protection, managed to enter the capital's university. Of course, it didn't happen right away. For a while, Lika attended classes in a studio open at a realistic theater.

Lika Dobrianskaya

No wonder she made her debut there. The first role was participation in the pantomime in the famous theatergoer's play "The Lord Elected Me." Her mother was present at the premiere. It was a significant moment for both women. The daughter looked at her mother from the stage, saw the love and pride of her eyes, and was inspired even more. Perhaps, just then, Lika was born as an actress.


In 1990, Dobrianskaya entered the VGIK. It was an incredible success. None of the friends did not believe that the girl from a remote province, was able to conquer such a prestigious university. Lika got on the course to Armen Jigarkhanyan and Albert Filozov.

She got acquainted with such masters as Batalov, Romashin. There is an opinion, they contributed to the formation of Dobrianskaya as an actress. We considered her identity and managed to awaken talent.

Over the years, Dobrianskaya played in the play "Three Sisters" by Chekhov, received an honorary diploma for her role in the play "The Seagull", was awarded the praise of the examination commission, led by Vyacheslav Tikhonov, for her role in the thesis play "The Decline of Lies."


After graduating from VGIK, Lika began working at the Gogol Theatre. She played in the production "These tall women" based on the work of Albee. The audience hosted the performance with great delight. The troupe toured the Baltics, where it had the same success as in the capital.

Lika becomes famous and recognizable. In 1998, she moved to the theatre "Around the House of Stanislavsky" on the stage of which, she will perform until the end of her days. But she doesn't know about it yet. I think there's an eternity ahead. Lika is happy, full of creative energy, she has a lot of plans.

Theatre and entreprise

Theatrical critics noted how Dobryanskaya shines in theatrical productions. Her roles in the performances were especially successful: "Prayer of Clowns," "Man and Woman," "The Bead Game."

Lika Dobrianskaya

In addition to traditional performances, Lika played a lot and with pleasure in the entreprise - plays designed for a minimum number of actors, not having their own scenery and fixed place of staging.

Film and TV

Despite her fame and bright talent, Dobrianskaya had few roles in the film. In total, there were 5 of them, of which, probably, the most successful were the roles in the projects "Last Day of February" and "The Thief". On the other hand, considering the moment that the life of the actress ended so early and suddenly, the filmography can be considered quite worthy.

By the way, cinema was not its only activity. Dobrianskaya was seriously fond of yoga. The project "Children's Yoga with Dobrianskaya" was even launched on television, with a series of programs in which she participated as a presenter. The authors of the program pursued a good goal - they wanted to teach kids and schoolchildren to lead a healthy lifestyle since childhood.

Love in the life of Dobrianskaya

In 2001, Dobrianskaya married. Her chosen one was Egor Grammatikov , an actor, a talented director, a representative of the famous cinematic Russian dynasty. His career began with filming in the works of his father, but Egor, it is worth paying tribute to him and himself worth something.

Speaking of his activities, the first thing that comes to mind is the director's work - the television series "The Thief." The project "Yuriki" was also well-liked by the audience.

Three years after the marriage, the couple has a son, but the relationship, suddenly, collapses. It is not known what caused the rupture. There were rumors among family friends that Yegor was caught in an extramarital affair. Vika could not forgive the treason, the family broke up. Apparently, these conversations were grounded. A few years after the divorce of Yegor and Liki, another actress - Anna Kozyuchyts, announced to the public that the name of her son Grammatics, and the middle name he wears, Yegorovich.

Burn like a bright but defenseless candle

In 2010, the press suddenly appeared reports about the death of the actress after some lingering illness. Rumors that Dobrianskaya died of AIDS crept up just after the funeral. No one ever found out how and when Lika became infected. She herself, practically did not share with anyone.

Lika Dobrianskaya

She worked no matter what. The strength of her spirit and the amazing will to live is evidenced by the fact that a few months before her death, Dobrianskaya starred in the TV series "School".

Vicky's fans, colleagues and friends, of course, noticed how her appearance had changed. Lika drooped, lost a lot of weight, and in general, looked unhealthy. However, she managed to hide the full weight of her fortune to the last. Dobrianskaya died less than a month after the shooting ended.

I would like to hope that humanity will still be able to defeat incurable diseases, and young talented people will leave this world in old age. Having realized its full potential, having managed to pass on the experience gained to the next generations.

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