Actor Misha Collins and the mystical series "The Enchanted"

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Actor Misha Collins

At the very beginning of the 2000S, American producers launched a TV series called Charmed. Multi-series saga about modern cute and very kind witches became very popular overnight - every new series and every new season the audience was waiting impatiently.

In the second season of the series, in the seventh series appeared on the screens of a young artist Misha Collins, now known as the star of another, later series, but also mystical, called "Supernatural".

Mischa Collins - who is he?

Actor Misha Collins

Now it is quite a popular actor, whose participation in numerous series is their decoration and guarantee of a good rental. The name of the actor we see in the credits is not genuine. At birth he was called a Russian name Dmitry, and his last name is quite Slavic - Krashnik. He was born in Boston, 1974. Its genealogy is very interesting, as it is a thermonuclear mix of many nationalities. What could not but affect his appearance - original and even mesmerizing.

Young Dmitry Krashnik did not even dream about cinema, firmly wanting to become a politician and moonlighting as a boy on parcels in the White House. But suddenly, having changed the dream, he abandons everything and goes to Tibet. Staying in a monastery with Buddhist monks radically changed the outlook of the guy, forcing to look at the world in a different way and making deeply religious.

Career that began with an episode

Mischa Collins was not among the main actors of the series "The Enchanted". It appears on the screen only in the second season, and even then not first, but in the seventh series. Whereas the entire series consisted of eight seasons and was shown for several years. Collins's role is rather episodic, and the episode itself is called "Knowledge is Power."

It was the last year of the twentieth century, and the action took place after Halloween was celebrated a few weeks ago. Misha was one of the first in his life to play in the series. But this tiny role, brilliantly played by them, gave the young actor a powerful push up the career ladder.

After it lacked offers to star in a variety of TV series, Collins was no longer.

Mischa Collins

The storyline of the series "The Enchanted"

There are a lot of storylines in such a long series. We will touch only the series in which mishad Misha Collins successfully. So young girls and part-time witches decide to test their guys as far as they are exposed to evil forces.

However, something forces them to interrupt their investigation. This is something in the person of the hero Misha Collins, who urgently needs to provide protection to his father, because he was attacked by demons. Thus, the trouble threatened and some valuable ancient Akasy writings. Cute witches and hero Misha make an alliance and easily defeat evil forces.

Charmed by Misha Collins

Surprising is that in this series, unlike other subsequent, Collins played not a mystical character, and an ordinary guy. Just as he was at the time - naive and unarmed. Nothing to do with the charismatic Castiel played later in Supernatural.

"Supernatural" series

Collins Michael

Fans of Misha Collins' talent believe that his fleeting participation in the series "The Enchanted" had the greatest impact on him. Otherwise, how to explain that soon he decides to pass the test in another mystical series, of course, for the role of a representative of good forces.

After the triumphant completion of the show on television, the actor firmly fixed the role of the hero endowed with high moral qualities. That under Collins' religiosity, it looked harmonious and it simply could not be otherwise. Castiel's clear angelic image became Misha's trademark for the rest of his life.

A little interesting about Misha Collins and more

Few people know that Collins began his film career with the TV series Charmed. However, this is not surprising - his role there was insignificant. And against the backdrop of a huge number of episodes in eight seasons, the episode with his participation looks like a grain of sand on a huge beach.

And by the way, he is not the only one who noted in this series and confidently went further - to conquer the olympics of the film industry. "The Charmed" noted with their attention and play many future hollywood stars, to list all for a long time. Let's just mention Mark Sheppard.

And, interestingly, after Collins, he also starred later in "Supernatural." In the series Sheppard is the exact opposite of the light Castiel. He is a black demon named Crowley.

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