Features of the bc-1500 air conditioner: instructions for operation, strengths and weaknesses.

Info 26.09.2020

Air conditioners are simply irreplaceable when it is necessary to ensure the regulation of temperature in the room. These devices can be found literally everywhere, in the store, private homes and even subway cars.

On hot summer days, the equipment is able to give coolness or fill a room with fresh air in a short period of time. True connoisseurs of such devices prefer proven air conditioners, among them is the model BK-1500. Having considered all the characteristics and capabilities of this device, you can be sure of the reliability and quality of the device.

BC-1500 air conditioning

The distinctive features of the unit

The BC-1500 air conditioner has a solid metal body, which has collected all the necessary parts for high-quality and productive functioning.

The inflow of air occurs through a special hole, equipped with a valve, it is located in the back of the equipment. Often the equipment of this type is mounted in the window, but some owners deliberately break through the supporting wall in the size of the case and put the air conditioning there.

You will not be able to see condensation flowing into the street, it accumulates at the bottom of the device and with the help of special devices is sprayed on the surface of the capacitor, thereby improving the heat output.

The compressor is equipped with a cyclical system, it is able to periodically disconnect, and start again. The mechanism does not overheat from constant work, and all processes are monitored by the thermosensor, it can be mechanical or electronic.

BC-1500 air conditioning

Positive qualities

BK-1500 as air conditioner has proven itself quite well, its strengths are expressed in the following:

  1. Low purchase costs and maintenance costs.
  2. Easy to install and dismantle.
  3. The absence of the Freon highway, it means that there will be no leaks.
  4. Air collection takes place outside the room, the function of the ventilation allows to fill the room with freshness.
  5. The lifespan is long enough.

The only thing you need to provide before installing equipment - a special hole, it can be in the wall or window frame.

BK-1500 air conditioning plus

Lack of air conditioning BC-1500

The BC-1500 air conditioner has weaknesses, due to the development of installation technologies can be difficult, before purchasing the model will not be superfluous to consider the shortcomings in advance:

  1. High noise in the course of operation.
  2. The heat insulation between the parts of the body is bad, cold air can easily penetrate the room and bring discomfort.
  3. Modern window frames are not suitable for installation, you need to order them, pre-providing dimensions for the future design, which will cost more than a standard sample.

To understand all the features will turn out, only using the device personally, but some nuances are still better to take into account even before the purchase of equipment.

flaws and disadvantages of air conditioning BC-1500

Opportunities BC-1500

This device works in two modes, they need to be set manually, it is able to ventilate and cool the air. The design itself is divided into 2 compartments with a stainless-steel partition, it has a small hole with a flap valve.

Thanks to this part, you can easily adjust the flow of fresh air into the room. In the set there are 2 fans: axial and centrifugal, they have a common electric motor, the body is installed remote control with a start-up device.

The engine has the ability to work both with the running compressor, and in the mode of forced ventilation. The air from the street is cleared of dust and cooled as needed, and all operating options can be exposed with the control panel.

Instructions for use

Connection of the device should take place only with the help of a built-in cable with a fork, the equipment is activated by a special switch handle. If you need to re-start the technique should be allowed to stand, otherwise the system may overheat.

Differences in voltage for air conditioning are not terrible, they will not affect the performance, but the temperature outside the window should be within 20-30 degrees above "0".

Periodic cleaning of the inner part will help to extend the life of the device, it can accumulate dust, sand or debris from the street.

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