Russian Paralympic achievements

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Russian athletes have long proved to everyone that they are the best. The movement appeared in 1976. This required a strong character, will and an incredible mood to win. The Russian Paralympic team is the strongest in the world. And this is a fact. Introducing our heroes.

Russian Paralympic achievements

Lebedinsky Andrei

Andrei comes from a simple family, originally from Khabarovsk region. He's been shooting since he was a kid. Love for her instilled his father, who constantly went hunting. Often took his son with him. The boy began shooting at the age of 14, attended the section, where he practiced his skills. At the age of 17, Andrei achieved an incredible: he became a master of sports. 1984 was the heaviest for him.  There was an accident. As a result, there was long-term treatment. Losing his leg was a blow for Andrei. All the doctors assured that the sport was over. That's just not for a real athlete. In 1996 he brought Andrei two gold and one bronze medals. In 1999 I had to cope with my misfortunes again. The athlete injured his right eye. It was not so easy to accept it, because it was necessary to aim with the left eye. Sydney won the bronze medal, while Beijing and Athens were victorious for Andrei. The athlete has not finished playing sports, now continues to train the younger generation in Khabarovsk.

Russian Paralympic achievements

Albert Bakayev

Albert himself is from the Urals. He's been swimming since he was a young man. He loved going to the pool. At the age of 15 he managed to achieve incredible success - he became a master of sports.

1984 turned out to be tough for Albert. At one of the trainings, the athlete injured his spine. Doctors could not do anything and said that it was time to finish sports activities. However, Albert did not give up. Despite being paralyzed, he continued to train. He managed to achieve incredible success: he became a multiple winner of the USSR Championship, Russia, won medals at the World Championships, Europe.

Albert was a cheerful person, always helped loved ones and people just like him. In 20009, he was gone. A heart attack ended his successful career.

Batalova of Rome

Rome was uncomfortable from an early age. She had vision problems. Being disabled, Rome became a real celebrity. She loved athletics, attended the section for people with disabilities. 1988 brought her victory in Seoul. The triumph took place in Beijing, when Rome won several gold medals (2008). Her achievements shocked many: 13 times she won the Paralympics and 18 times at the world championships.

Russian Paralympic achievements

Vladykina Olesya

Olesya was an absolutely healthy person. She is originally from Moscow. Like many children, she loved to swim. And she was engaged in this sport seriously: I went to the sports section. She received her first award - master of sports. But 2008 brought only disappointments for her. Holidaying in Thailand with his girlfriend, during a tourist trip had an accident. As a result, a loved one died, and Olesya was left without a leg. But it did not prevent her in the future. She began to compete among The Paralympics. The triumph took place in Beijing and then in London. The athlete won the 100-meter distance.

Savchenko Olesya

Olesya had not seen much as a child. Doctors did not notice this, but the parents saw their daughter's enlarged pupils. Turns out the girl had glaucoma. The right eye was not seen at all, and the left eye was seen badly. Olesya was swimming, went to the section, graduated from Bashkir University and Petroleum (Ufa), won three times in Beijing and 5 times in London.

Aleksey Bugaev

Alexei is originally from Krasnoyarsk. Born with a confirmed diagnosis - an anomaly of the right hand. Father and mother were worried, decided that the sport will help the boy to strengthen his health. Alexey began to do skiing. At the age of 14, he has already proved to everyone that he can succeed. He's called up to the national team. In Sochi, the guy was lucky. He was the winner.

Lysova Michalina

Michalina accidentally got once to the training of his sister, who was engaged in skiing. I decided for myself that I also need to use my chance. Despite her poor eyesight, she was able to do it. The path was difficult, but the coach constantly supported. Moreover, the guys did not let her rest. There was a struggle all the time. In such an environment, it turned out to be a real character. Michalina won three times at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Russian Paralympic achievements

Kaufman Aliona

Alyona's parents are real athletes, so she didn't have to choose what to do. She was diagnosed with a weak grasping reflex, but that didn't stop her from skiing and biathlon.

She won twice in Sochi.

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