A rash on your fingers: the main reasons for the appearance

Health 07.09.2020

The rash on the fingers of the fingers causes discomfort not only physical because of itching, but also moral, because such a symptom is visible immediately and can alienate others. It can occur due to metabolic disorders in the body, due to an allergic reaction or as a manifestation of other, more threatening diseases.

Types of rashes on fingers

A rash on the fingers

There are many variations of the rash, and for a person without proper knowledge, all of these species can look the same. Only a dermatologist will determine the type and cause of the rash, and we will analyze its main types:

  1. Ektima is a rash with crusts;
  2. Peeling;
  3. A rash in the form of small pimples;
  4. Blisters and bubbles;
  5. Wet or dry rash;
  6. Subcutaneous rash;
  7. Red inflammation;
  8. The puss;
  9. Herpes.

Frequent causes of rashes on hands

A rash on your hands and fingers

Often the appearance of a rash on the fingers is a sign of a certain disease. It is important to eliminate not the appearance of the rash and its unpleasant symptom in the form of itching, and to understand the cause of the occurrence.

Let's list the main causes of the rash:

  1. The rash may be the result of the use of the wrong product, exposure to cold or chemical stimuli, such as surface cleaning or dishwashing.
  2. Skin diseases can be scabies, lupus erythematosus, dermatitis or hives. They need to be treated only in the dermatologist's office.
  3. Diseases of organs and systems. Diseases of the lymphatic system, endocrine system, kidneys, gastrointestinal organs or liver can cause such an unpleasant symptom as a rash on the fingers.
  4. Frequent stress can trigger a rash on the skin.
  5. The rash may be a consequence of taking certain medications.

The main thing about allergies

Allergies are a consequence of the allergen entering the body. Often it appears in such "amplois":

  • Contact dermatitis after human contact in an allergen;
  • Toxicodermia involves the ingestion of the allergen through the blood;
  • Hives (a rash resembling burns after contact with nettles);
  • Atopic dermatitis, which is a hereditary disease.

Allergy is treated with special medicines and allergen removal.

Exposure to infection and parasites

Exposure to infection and parasites on the skin of the hands

The activity of the fungus can lead to itchy rashes on the fingers in the form of bubbles. Precipitation may have a light or red hue. Often the fungus is transmitted after contact with a sick person. The fungus can be in the body for a long time, but make itself felt only after the reduction of immunity.

Infectious diseases such as chickenpox, measles or rubella can also lead to skin rashes. Often such infections occur in children, but sometimes affect adults.

Diseases of internal organs

causes of the rash

In liver diseases often there is yellowing of the eyes and skin, nausea, pain in the right rib, cracks in the tongue, bitterness in the mouth and increased body temperature.

In violation of the gastrointestinal tract, red rashes are covered with crusts.

Hormonal disorders lead to hyper-section of the sebaceous glands, which leads to the appearance of pustles on the surface of the skin.

As a result of avitaminosis, immunity is reduced, which leads to bubbles and crusts on the surface of the skin.

Exposure to viruses

Often a viral infection enters the body in the form of herpes. The infection is familiar to all of us herpes on the surface of the lips. If the virus enters the wound on the lip during the treatment of the wound, it can spread to the hands. In the same way there are rashes in the area of the genitals. P

The appearance of a rash in children

The appearance of a rash in children

A rash on the child's fingers may be caused by a violation of the baby's hygiene, but there are other reasons:

  • Allergies.
  • Atopic dermatitis.
  • Neurosis.
  • Viruses.
  • Parasites

In any case, if there is herpes rash on the fingers of the child should take him to a qualified pediatrician.

The main thing about treatment

rash on the hands treatment

Treatment of rashes on fingers occurs depending on the type of disease:

  1. Fungal diseases are treated with antifungal drugs;
  2. Allergy is treated with antihistamines;
  3. Scabies is treated with sulfur ointment;
  4. Hormonal diseases are treated only by stabilizing the hormonal background;
  5. Hives are treated with a diet of antihistamines;
  6. Viral infections are treated with antivirals strictly under the supervision of a doctor.

Preventive measures

Preventive measures against rashes on the skin of hands

In order to avoid dermatitis, resort to such preventive measures:

  1. After contact with irritants (chemical solutions, stay in the cold) use moisturizers;
  2. Avoid contact with allergens;
  3. Follow the rules of personal hygiene;
  4. Keep an eye on the food;
  5. Treat diseases that can lead to skin rashes in a timely manner.

Compliance with these recommendations will help to avoid such unpleasant symptom as skin rash on your fingers.

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