Reuters zxhn h118n: features and settings

Without going online, humanity does not imagine its life, it is so densely poured into everyday life that users order things, food and equipment online. But for maximum convenience routers were developed, this device is a device, bearing the name zxhn h118n. To understand its functionality, you need to learn all the information about the device and consider some possibilities of technology. A family in which more than two people will not do without such a modern and practical addition, otherwise, will create a whole queue to the PC. A good device is able to create a whole network for home use, but all the nuances need to be familiar consistently.

Reuters zxhn h118n

Basic information about the manufacturer

zxhn h118n is collected in Russia, components come from China, most consumers do not know about the ownership of such devices to the supplier of components, it is due to all sorts of stickers on the body. Taking a rental device, it is put special logos. The basic information about the creator of the router should be known to each user.

Founded in 1985, these devices are not the only products that enter the market, the manufacturer is developing such devices as:

  1. Tablets.
  2. Phones.
  3. Routers.
  4. Modems.

The package of controlling shares is not held by a private person, these documents are kept by the state, which allows you to fully trust the quality of products. The brand produces devices of the budget model, which occupy the leading positions in the ranking. If you believe the research and survey of consumers, the price and quality are quite optimally sustained.

The device's kit and installation

The model zxhn h118n is sold in Russia exclusively by providers, depending on the wishes of experts, they design the box in different ways. Most often you can find the design in yellow and blue shades, on the front side is depicted products that are in the package. In addition to the name of the model zxhn h118n, you can consider its type – wireless router, on the back is often detailed information about such important points as:

  1. Warranty.
  2. Equipment.
  3. Requirements.
  4. Functionality.

Opening the packaging, you will find a power supply, documents for the device, cable to connect and fixing on the wall, these components go in the package to the device.

External design

The body looks a bit like a small pillow, the edges are not distinguished by sharp angles, with the manufacturer's factory model produced in white. The width of 110 mm, the height of the router 50 mm, the depth is 125 mm. Enough compact device can be fixed on any partition in the house, for this there is a mount that comes in the set. The product weighs a little, 145 grams, the front side is equipped with indicators, there are 9 pieces.

Router zxhn h118n tuning


In any router important parts must be in place, zxhn h118n has the WAN that will be required to connect the chosen provider. To create a local connection, LAN ports were provided, and a USB connector was added to the case. Like all equipment of this type, there is a circular socket for the power supply, without which the device will not work. The value of the buttons is also of interest to beginners in this matter, they should be described in detail:

  1. Turn on and off with one button.
  2. Wi-Fi can be activated and deactivated.
  3. Reset can return the device software to factory condition.
  4. WPS is needed to switch options.

To press the button number 3 you need to take a paper clip or a needle, because it is hidden, the location is thought out specifically, so that there is no sudden reset of settings.

Router zxhn h118n features

The main characteristics of the model

zxhn h118n is a good enough router for its price, it is able to create a cozy environment in the house and will last a long time, its functionality looks like this:

  1. Network: standard 802.11n.
  2. Frequency: 2.4 GHz.
  3. Top speed: 300 Mbps.
  4. Defense: WPA, WPA 2.
  5. Type: access point.

How to set up your device

Get access to the Internet will be after coordinated actions, which can not be called difficult. But all manipulations should be carried out sequentially, the first step will be to open the browser directly on the PC, introduce an IP address, find the information can be on the body of the router zxhn h118n or view the box. There is a window with text, if everything goes well, the notification about the beginning of the setup will not make you wait long. The second step is user authorization, you need to specify all the data you need, at this stage you will be able to change the name of the device and password, you can use all the features and without such actions, they are produced at will. The third step relates to the preservation of information, after which the router must be rebooted, checking the availability of the Internet signal, you can use all the possibilities of the device.

Router setting up

Easy way to firmware

Some users will eventually want to return the equipment to the factory state, in which case a number of actions need to be taken. A special file is downloaded and unpacked, after entering the IP address should appear menu, it has a management item, then enter the Firmware Upgrade tab. The next step is firmware, after which you need to clamp the hidden key, using a paper clip or a pin. After successful manipulations to visit a special menu, where the login and password are entered, again stitch the system file, reboot the device.