Yogita Bali - the actress who found her happiness

Celebrities 10.10.2020

Yogita Bali - actress

This, incredible beauty, a woman, gave up fame, money and acting career, which, by the way, was formed, easily and at ease. She did all this for the sake of a loved one, and... I didn't! She is happy behind her adored husband. He raises and raises children, protects the family hearth.


The Bali yogi comes from an ancient, noble Sikh family. Grandpa, at one time, engaged in educational activities, founded a boarding school in Amritsar for girls. His son received a wonderful education and upbringing, became a well-known scientist, was fond of philosophy. Yogita's mother, at that time, led a rather free secular way of life for a woman. She loved to go to theaters, she was engaged in music, dance, and adored horse riding.

Yogita's aunt is a famous actress of the 50s of the last century. On her account shooting in the films: "Love Island", "Network", "Falcon" and others the girl's father, Syed Irshad Hussain, too, actor, in the child's life participated briefly. His career as an actor did not work out when the girl was 2 years old, he returned to his homeland in Pakistan, to his first wife.

Filming in the cinema

Yogita, growing up, turned into a real beauty. High, statuespic, huge eyes, mesmerizing look. It seemed that the girl was simply born for the screen, fame and veneration of millions of fans. Bali, without much hesitation, went to the movies.

About the talent of the actress and her demand, says the fact that in a few years of career (debut in 1971, the last film in which Bali, which starred in 1989), she managed to star in seventy films. Among the most loved by the audience are: "The Moth," "The Encounter," "How Not Just to Love," "Favorite Wife." It is possible to list for a long time. In every painting Yogita shone.

Yogita Bali - actress

The films were a huge success, and despite the fact that, at that time on the screen reigned such great actresses as Rakhi, Hema Malini, Rehman, Yogita's career was quite successful, which is not the case with the first marriage in 1976.

Yogita's chosen one is Kishore Kumar, known within India for his creative personality (singer, director, screenwriter), twice her age, with two marriages. The girl's mother and uncle were categorical. Whether it played a role, or there was another reason, but after a couple of years, Yogita and Kumar broke up.

Mithun Chakraborty

Mithun became the love of her life. They met in 1978 and have not parted since. Shortly after the wedding, Bali completely left the cinema. She devoted all her time to her husband, and later, to their children, who were born to them. There are four of them. Three sons and the youngest, a daughter. Anyway, they all connected life with cinema.

Yogita Bali and Mithun Chakraborty

The eldest son of Mahaksay Mimoha, became a great actor, middle, Ushmey Remokh - director. The younger ones are still undecided, but apparently intend to continue the creative dynasty.

Yogita had the wisdom not to ruin the marriage even when Mithun spun a three-year romance with the famous film actress, Srideweh. Evil tongues claimed that Mithun even secretly married his passion. Anyway, they eventually broke up, Mithun returned to the family.

Life in Bali today

Today Bali continues to enjoy family life. Her life is almost closed from other people's eyes. Yogita avoids publicity. To see her somewhere at a party or social event is a rarity.

Yogita Bali Life Today

In 2013, Bali produced the detective film "The Enemy," starring Mithun and son Mimoh, released another film-drama called "Lucky" and hid again from everyone in the family, in her cozy home. Where she's really happy.

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