Award Medals of the USSR - "For Valiant Work"

History 23.09.2020

USSR - "For valiant work"

In the Soviet Union, for all, without exception, people, the medals handed by the state were of great importance. They could be awarded to ordinary workers and figures of science or art. Medals "For valiant work" were given for selfless work, which a person approached the day of victory in the Great Patriotic War.

On the award after the war

The decision to create a sketch of the award medal, outstanding to the participants of the labor front, was taken at the highest level, in the government of the Soviet Union. General Khrulev A.V., who was in charge of rear affairs, was appointed as the head of such a responsible and honorable assignment.

The model of the medal was invented and drawn on paper by two artists engaged in this project - Adrianov I.K. and Romanov E. M.

For valiant work

The medals could be awarded equally as representatives of working specialties, as well as engineers-technicians, party workers, drummers of the collective farm, artists, writers, other creative figures.

In 1946, several ministers of the church were awarded medals for valiant work. Knowing the attitude of the official authorities to religion, the fact is absolutely amazing, we can say even fantastic. However, the event took place.

During the war, these people were able to collect large sums of money more than once, some of which was given as aid to the families of fallen servicemen, the other part - to the state.

In total, about 16 million people received these medals in the Soviet Union. Until 1951, after the death of the awardee, family members had to return his award, but then, this law was repealed.

Description of medals

The medals "For valiant work" and "For the victory over Germany" appeared almost simultaneously and were very similar in appearance. They differed only by the reverse, the color of the tape and the material of the medal making. The reward for labor was poured from copper, and combative, from brass.

For valiant work - reward

The size of the medal is 32 mm in diameter, the image on the front side is the profile of Stalin, framed by the inscriptions: "Our cause is right", "We won." On the reverse - the name of the medal, and two images: sickle with a hammer and a five-pointed star. Several batches of medals were issued, differing in size and shape of the abalone.

Anniversary award

The graduation of the jubilee medals was established in the autumn of 1969. They were presented to successful scientists, well-known cultural figures, industry leaders, party workers. In other words, to workers, in any field of activity.

The authorities singled out citizens who made a notable contribution to the construction of socialism in the USSR, a personal example of those who engage the younger generation on the way of service to their Fatherland.


The anniversary medal, issued for Lenin's birthday, depicts the profile of the leader of the revolution, and the date "1870-1970" is posted on the lower edge. On the back, as well as on ordinary medals - the name, sickle and hammer, the star. A small side on the edge of the circle.

Medals of different editions have differences in the area of the ear. On some, in this place stands the mark of LMD (Leningrad Mint - the place of making a medal), placed on both sides, on the other - with one, on the third it does not exist at all.

The cost of the

If we talk about the price, for these medals, which are given by collectors... The value of any item of interest to collectors can vary greatly at different times. At the moment, the Jubilee Medal "For Valiant Work" is sold for 3-7 U.S. dollars, if the medal has an inscription - "For military glory", its price from 11 to 15 dollars. For the same medal, but without this phrase you can help out 600-770 dollars.

USSR award - "For valiant work"

Medals, which were awarded for labor achievements during the Great Patriotic War, cost from 5 to 30 dollars, depending on the characteristics of the ear.

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