The meaning and origin of the phrase "penny ruble saves"

History 07.12.2020

People of all ages know the expression "penny ruble saves", about the savings of financial means people think involuntarily, all the fault of the established situation in the world. Wages are steadfastly standing still if there are increases, they are insignificant. What can not be said about the prices of products, which with each trimester, and even a month gradually rose. The well-known proverb in difficult economic times is more and more common on the streets, someone says this phrase out loud, and others constantly remember it. What is the meaning of such wise words and where they come from, you need to understand in detail and consistently.

penny ruble saves

The meaning of wisdom

Compared to modern people, our ancestors were able to save, did this not on a whim, all the fault of the difficult situation in the world. The post-war years were no less difficult, it not only brought up the strong character of residents of most domestic cities, but also caused the phrase "penny ruble saves." Everyone who communicates well or remembers their grandmothers, know: they have every coin on the account. Such people are able to save money and look for the most budget options for purchases. Today's youth have a lot to learn, but it will take a long time.

The meaning of the saying is gradually forgotten, which most people consider undeserved, because in such words lies a deep meaning, which can be used at any time. If you believe the survey of experts, the youth speaks somewhat monotonously, from their mouth you can hear that you need to take everything from life, and the savings in such thinking will be superfluous.

phrase penny ruble saves

How to understand a phrase

Under the expression hides an important essence, which can be understood from the example, it is worth to imagine a situation when in the pocket there is a certain amount of funds, and for the purchase grabs just a little. As a basis you can take 1000 rubles, but due to the circumstances just yesterday a person spent 50 rubles and today thinks about the shortage. It is clear from the situation that there will be almost no much, the amount is small, but it prevents the completion of the planned, it leads to disappointment and thoughts, how to correct what happened.

The origin of the proverb

The expression "penny ruble saves", according to the majority, came to modern people from ancestors and is considered folk wisdom. Along with other statements, he used to be given no less significant importance in the life of each family. Some people who built successful store chains and big business at the beginning of the journey also used this phrase and can remember those times. Up to a certain point, the peasants were deprived of money, they began to enjoy this benefit after the abolition of serfdom. And the rich segments of the population in the past did not "rip" coins, as it is customary to do it today, even in such successful and influential individuals every penny was taken into account, it was given great importance.

expression of a penny ruble saves

Young people tried to get some of their father's money in the old days, but for this they were strictly reported, and sometimes it came to hand-wringing. It was all based on the fact that the family budget, regardless of its number, has always been calculated and kept a strict record. The thefts were treated harshly, for this it was possible to get a substantial punishment, it is due to the fact that all the little things were on the account. The owner of the house knew the amount, which is stored in a certain place up to one coin, it was at this time there was a saying "penny ruble saves."

In addition to such expression, there were similar wisdoms, they looked like this:

  1. Money makes money.
  2. Hold the coin tight so you don't roll away.
  3. Without one penny of the ruble will not be.
  4. Putting a penny to a penny - will be able to live the whole family.

The benefits these days

In order for a person's capital to grow, the money must be multiplied constantly, that is, when they are folding, a huge sum may appear. In rare cases, it turns out to increase the condition by 2 times, often round amounts run up after a few small trades. If there are no these insignificant incomes in relation to the common property, it is difficult for a person to get rich. Applying the phrase "penny ruble saves" a resident of any city will be able to achieve huge success, but this wisdom is increasingly forgotten. If you do not pay attention to the small thing, then gradually the value of large sums will also be somewhat diluted in the understanding of the person, which is fraught with bankruptcy.

a penny ruble saves value

Our ancestors knew a lot about the calculations and taught it to their children, thanks to the serious attitude to each coin, the invisible theft of young people was stopped at once. Without this proverb, large family conflicts would arise everywhere, bringing discord to the social order.


Having understood the meaning and origin of wisdom "penny ruble saves", each will make a conclusion independently. Is it necessary to trust the kings and boyars who came up with such statements, which have reached our times, because most of the sayings happened in old Russia. You can not call ancestors stupid to learn to save, you need to make every effort, it is known to everyone, what can not be said about reckless waste, they are given very easily. Thanks to the careful attitude to each coin, some people were able to get an impressive inheritance, because the ancestors cared not only about themselves, but also about the future generation, it will not hurt to think about it.

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